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If your website or its content is created in-house, then it certainly makes sense that your employees are already paying attention to SEO aspects during the programming and editiorial stages. Much subsequent optimization work can be saved, if SEO knowledge is applied early. We’d be glad to share our experience and our knowledge with you and organize workshops and seminars directly at your location. If you want, you we can work directly on your website and implement optimization measures together with your employees.

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Web Development Workshop.

The purpose of this workshop is the implementation of SEO already in the programming stages of your website. What does an SEO compliant programming look like and how can it be prepared for search engine bots through templates, source codes and tags?

Editorial Workshop.

We’ll train your editorial team in terms of SEO compliant content creation, the use of editorial and shop systems and the observance of an SEO strategy for creating content, text and graphics. In connection with the Web Development Workshop we will provide you with comprehensive know-how about on-page SEO.

seonative SEO ConsultingSEO Consulting.

We are not only consultants for your projects. We are happy to share our knowledge in SEO seminars and workshops and give presentations in any setting. Learn more

Link Building Workshop.

In our OffPage workshop, we’ll provide you and your staff extensive knowledge about link building, its rules and mechanisms as well as methods and limits. We’ll introduce you to tools and present you with ways of measuring backlinks and backlink profiles.

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Native language: SEO. We emphasize personal support with competent contacts. We work with commitment and interest in your projects. Learn more