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seonative SEO AnalysesSEO Analyses.

Every strategy is based on data. With our SEO analyses, we check all factors that can be decisive for the ranking on search engines. While doing that, we go the extra mile and don’t just stop after analysing your online content: Holistic SEO to us is the combination of OnPage and OffPage factors. As a result, all these factors are paid attention to within our analyses. Each seonative analysis is handmade and contains not only annotated results but also tips and strategy reccomendations from the respective speciality fields of our SEO experts. For every analysis we will take our time in order to prepare everything thoroughly. This will help you gain insight into the areas where there is a need for optimization and also how you can efficiently and sustainably boost your website to success.

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Analysis & Control - SEO management stage

SEO Analyses support you in the following SEO phases:

SEO Analysis SEO Strategies Search Engine Optimization

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seonative OnPage AnalysesOnPage Analyses.

An analysis of the OnPage factors include a snapshot of all sitewide factors. We check the compliance with technical standards that are essential to ensure that your content is read and evaluated by crawlers in the best way. We also analyse the visible content of your page. Our experts dive deep into the source code of your website in order to check and optimize on every single page. Thus, vulnerabilities can be exposed and targeted suggestions regarding optimization measures can be made.

seonative OffPage AnalysesOffPage Analyses.

We provide information about your backlink structure. Every link that points to your website is checked for its quality and effectiveness. We identify the source URLs and Ips and rely on a variety of analytical values (e.g. content relevance, Google PageRank as well as values for ranking and significance of websites on Google). The backlink structure is analysed in its entirety, because the largest effect will be a result from a specific mixing ratio of backlinks from different qualities.

seonative Keyword AnalysesKeyword Analyses.

We determine your relevant keywords and suggest new keywords, which could be worth optimizing. We will check your keywords regarding ranking strength, competition and search volumes nationally and internationally.

seonative Competitor AnalysesCompetitor Analyses.

What are your competitors doing differently, what are they doing better or worse? We’ll help you learn from the strengths and weaknesses of your competition. We’ll compare keywords, rankings and many other analytical values.

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