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Not everything that moves on the internet is human. Every day, countless information hunters and collectors are out and about on the net and read the content of your website. Humans and machines alike browse your online presence in search of useful information. Whether they find it also depends on whether you have identified suitable keywords for your site, and if your web page is optimized for the reading habits of humans and machines. The optimization of search engine friendliness is a key point. We review and optimize your site, taking into account the current standards, so you can be sure that every visitor – whether human or crawler – understands the contents of your website and assigns it to the right topic area.

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Optimization - SEO Management stage

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Content Optimization.

We’ll get your website in shape for any type of visitor: Both the content and the technical structure of the site should meet SEO criteria. We check and correct your tags and combine keywords and contents within a joint strategy. In addition, we will review your content in terms of uniqueness, since duplicate content won’t be honored by neither search engines nor your visitors.

SEO Usability.

Ultimately, crawlability must be ensured: Some content items may inspire your visitors, but not the search engines. Graphics as headers and flash content can’t be read by crawlers correctly (yet). That doesn’t mean that you have to do without these items completely.

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We are not only consultants for your projects. We are happy to share our knowledge in SEO seminars and workshops and give presentations in any setting. Learn more

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We work on your backlink structure and ensure sustainable link building with good references for your website. Your OffPage SEO is in good hands with us. Learn More

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