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Not only the content of your page is relevant to their success. For high rankings, you must also build backlinks. Have you ever asked around for opinions when you sat together with some friends? That’s exactly how search engines do it. So much for theory. In practice, not every voice is equally loud, not every backlink has the same link power. We focus on quality link building through content relevance and regularly checked sites. The topic of Social Media is suitable for actions to improve your ranking and traffic. No matter what you do: It all depends on the right „mix“. So if you want to improve your ranking and increase your traffic, don’t leave it to chance, but to us!

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OffPage Optimization.

OffPage Optimization includes all areas which cannot be influenced directly via your site's content. The fact that you cannot create a huge effect through content does not mean that you should neglect these areas, though. On the contrary, OffPage criteria plays a much more vital role than OnPage criteria today. We create a high quality backlink structure for your site. Here, factors such as content relevance, the site's neighborhood, domain age, Google PageRank, as well as the Ranking and significance of the webpage on Google are essential ingredients in the mix.

Link Building.

OffPage optimization particularly means building a sustainable and high quality backlink structure, that is acquiring links from websites that will point to your site. Each link from another site will be noticed by search engines. The higher the quality of your link popularity, the higher you can rank. We rely on a qualitative, balanced mix of backlinks, long-term, continuous link building and regularly check your backlink structure and its effectiveness. We got some useful backlink management tools in store.

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Social Media.

Also, twitter, Google+, facebook, foursquares, etc. Can affect your ranking. However, these channels require proper care. We will advise you if it is worth the effort for your project and present you with solutions that enable you to work effectively in this area.

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